Monday, 27 June 2011

RSS, eh?

Oh, good - something I have already done before. When we put together SPRI's Freeze Frame site a few years ago, we experimented with RSS. What strikes me in retrospect is that any sort of feed needs regular updates to content to keep its audience engaged. I suspect that we haven't been doing as much as we could - something that we can easily remedy. However, it does require a certain amount of commitment.

One thing that really strikes me is the extent to which many forms of social media (like social interaction in general) is reliant on feedback. The last thing you want is for the people you are talking to to get bored and wander off. However, if they are not even on the same continent, let alone in the same room, how do you stop that happening? You can't rely on body language. As the wonderful guys from Firesign Theatre have it, 'Avoid eye contact. If no eyes, avoid all contact.' And here we are, warbling disembodied into the echo chamber. What hooks me? The blogs I really like either tell me useful stuff (sometimes stuff I didn't even know I needed to know) or share my sense of humour (thank you, Miss Crail). Worth remembering as we start to put together a Polar Museum blog.

Finally, for the Magic Lantern addicts amongst us, here's another one of our amazing Arctic lantern slides.

SPRI LS99/3/1 -see further details here

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  1. Heather, I've been meaning to visit the Polar Museum for a while now without ever quite getting round to it, but the few snippets of it I'm seeing on your blog have renewed my enthusiasm! One thing - the link to Freeze Frame in this post didn't work for me. Perhaps it's my computer, but I just thought I'd let you know anyway. Oh, and I love the address - polarlibrarian - brilliant!