Monday, 27 June 2011

Extra things, beyond 2.0

Well, that was easier than I thought. I had some fun changing stuff around on my blog and added a widget or two and felt very self-satisfied and then ran completely out of time to do anything else, as the real world finally caught up with me. Last week was a blur of meetings, deadlines, reports and sessions in the recording studio, as we begin to put together the museum's audio guide. Sounds glamorous? It's really not.

23 Things is, however, having a very salutary effect. It's made me realise that I need to do 23 OTHER Things to improve my work/life balance (or as my wise-beyond-her-years daughter has it, 'Your work/work balance, mum'. So the extra thing for Week 1 was 'go home when the library closes on at least two evenings in the week.' I'm proud of mself - I did actually manage to do it. (My house is also tidier as a result.)

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