Sunday, 10 July 2011


I've had a few days away in sunny Yorkshire (my 23 Other Things this week included 'take time off work' and 'go for a long walk', so 10 miles of the Dales Way between Bolton Abbey and Grassington ticked both boxes). Coming back, I realise that I hadn't given 23 Things any thought at all while I was away, so there is some catching up to do.

Downloading Lightshot is about as simple as it gets and using it really is as straightforward as the site suggests. Here's my first screenshot. (Yes, yet more lantern slides!)

Lantern slides depicting George Strong Nares' 1875-76 British Arctic Expedition

I suspect that I'll use this quite a lot, since it makes very short work of adding and editing graphics.


  1. I am finding Lightshot a very useful tool. Glad you explored the Dales Way. We are planning a recce for a ramblers trip next spring so will be up near there in the autumn

  2. I agree - it's must be top of the tools in terms of the amount of time it saves. And Yorkshire...God's country, glad you got some time to relax up there!